Eight years ago we began development of the VAX77, and a few years later we introduced what many call the finest MIDI controller every produced.


It featured polyphonic aftertouch, hi-res velocity, release velocity and a host of other capabilities that made it the favorite controller of some of the best musicians in the world. Legends such as Stevie Wonder and Eddie Jobson each purchased four units for studio and the road. It's durable construction and folding design made it a Keyboard Magazine "Key Buy" in 2010.


Unfortunately, it was VERY expensive to manufacture and out of the price range of most musicians. Production ceased at the end of 2013.


We learned a lot about the keyboard market over those years; where a musician's requirements are rigid and where the keyboard design needs flexibility. But most of all, we learned that we did not offer sufficient value to the professional musician. The folding feature was convenient, but not worth the $1000 it added to the cost of the instrument. Last year we informed our customers that we would endeavor to invent a powerful keyboard at a very affordable price. We knew that such an instrument would require new sensor technology (magnetic sensing is very expensive to do precisely). We evaluated dozens of sensor technologies and finally, we found a solution.

VAXMIDI began as a Kickstarter project on March 31, 2015. About 100 backers funded the development anticipating that they would receive a remarkable MIDI controller a year later, or eventually. Several of the backers offered their expertise as members of the VAXMIDI Design Group and recommended many of the features present in the product today. I thank them all for their wisdom and guidance. Some of the features added cost to VAXMIDI and the retail price is higher than our original target. Nevertheless, this is remarkable keyboard that will get better every year as members of the VAXMIDI community offer accessories, improvements, and enhanced firmware.